Panther ‘King Salim Shabazz’ arrested in New York

Infamous ‘Kill Whitey’ tattooed Obama supporter arrested in NY

Joe Saunders
BizPac Review

He was armed with a loaded .25-calber handgun.

He wore a bullet-proof vest.

And he had “Kill Whitey” tattooed on his face.

New Black Panther Party leader at the center of a 2009 controversy over the Eric Holder-led Justice Department’s slanted enforcement of voting-rights laws was arrested on a weapons possession charge Friday night in New York City…

…[Maruse] Heath made headlines in 2008 when he was captured on video standing with another party member outside a polling place on Election Day in a white neighborhood in Philadelphia. He was dressed in paramilitary garb, armed with a nightstick and behaving in an intimidating way as voters arrived, news reports said…

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