Parents Express Anger Over Cinco De Mayo Flap


MORGAN HILL, Calif. — Heated words were spoken Wednesday night at a packed school board meeting in Morgan Hill as parents railed against administrators in charge of the high school where a controversy over students wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo erupted last week.

Wednesday will mark one week since a Cinco de Mayo incident at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill flared up into a national story when four boys came on campus wearing t-shirts with the American flag and patriotic colors.

From what occurred at a public meeting of the school board Tuesday night, it appeared emotions were still raw.

About 200 people packed the middle school auditorium where the meeting was held to accommodate the larger than normal number of people who attended to vent their feelings.

“Regardless where we came from when we come to this nation, we adopt its culture and what this nation stands for and the flag,” said Morgan Hill resident Lavonne Atnit. “I am personally getting very tired of disrespect to that flag and what this nation stands for.”

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