Party calls for Investigation of Pelosi-Scozzafava Deal

The Gouverneur Times
Northern New York News
Written by Contributor

Reacting to media reports that Nancy Pelosi “secretly” dispatched a top lieutenant to meet with Dede Scozzafava before the Assemblywoman’s shocking endorsement of Bill Owens, Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long called for a Federal Election Commission investigation of any “illicit inducements” that may have been offered in exchange for Scozzafava’s support.

“It a matter of public record that the Scozzafava family company is in financial difficulty. All her public statements about her withdraw mentioned money problems. Nancy Pelosi is desperate to win this seat,” Long said, adding: “Can it be a mere coincidence that Dede demand a face-to-face meeting, then jumps? What did Nancy Pelosi’s errand boy offer in person that they couldn’t discuss over the phone?”

Politico reported yesterday that Pelosi’s deputy, Congressman Steve Israel, met “secretly” with Scozzafava to provide “face-to-face reassurance” before Scozzafava bolted her party to back Owens. Israel refused to discuss the meeting with Politico.

“This is the kind on insider deal that makes people disgusted about politics. But it might go beyond insider dealing. Did Pelosi offer to pay off campaign debt or did Pelosi go even beyond that? In a polluted political world where Pelosi would do anything for Bill Owens, voters have the right to know the full story about the Pelosi-Owens deal.”

Long explained lawyers are now working on a formal request to the FEC. Since press reports show Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was also in discussion with Scozzafava, Long said only a Federal investigation could “clear the air.”

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