Video: Patrick Kennedy, meltdown # 527,554: national security, the media, Rep. Massa

Video: Patrick Kennedy goes nuts over media’s Massa coverage
by Allahpundit

Go figure that a scion of Camelot, who’s lived up to the family legacy in so many ways, would look dimly upon press coverage of politicians’ misbehavior. Funny, but I don’t remember many Democratic complaints about the sustained media swarm over Mark Foley in fall 2006 while Iraq was falling apart. I’m sure there’s an explanation for the difference somewhere.

This clip makes me nostalgic, and not because Patches is retiring in the fall. Close your eyes and tell me he doesn’t sound eerily similar to another guy named Foley. If not for the vast Kennedy fortune, this tool would be living in a van down by the river.

UPDATE: In case you just couldn’t get enough, a somewhat extended version of the Congressman’s remarks can be viewed here. H/T RI’s 9/12 Project.

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