Peter Schiff, author who predicted economic crash, reacts to debt-ceiling deal

Faith Braverman
The Daily Caller

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Peter Schiff is a businessman and author that was known by many as “Dr. Doom” before he became widely credited with foretelling the U.S. economic crisis years before it occurred. During a phone interview, The Daily Caller picked his brain about the current economic crisis, the impending crash, and what Americans can do to protect themselves….

…If the debt ceiling is all a manufactured crisis, how can the GOP get the message to the people that we are not putting the full faith and credit of the U.S. at risk?

They lost the media battle. There’s definite media bias, but again they shouldn’t have had the fight unless they weren’t willing to raise the debt ceiling under ANY circumstances. If Republicans had dug in, they’d have to reduce spending by about a trillion dollars a year.  Many departments, such as Energy and Education, would have to be eliminated. If they were not willing to do that, they should have just given the Democrats everything they wanted so their fingerprints would be all over it…

…What can the average debt ridden American do to protect himself or herself?

If you’re debt-ridden, you have nothing to lose but your debt. The people who need to protect themselves are the ones with savings. Those are the people that I am trying to help at my brokerage firm, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc, and at Euro Pacific Precious Metals. It’s hard to imagine what the country will look like when the dollar crashes. But one thing is certain; it will bear little resemblance to the America we know today. So rather than pay off your debts, get gold, silver, foreign assets, and buy up things that will have value after the dollar crashes.


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