Pilot’s Account Reveals New Cracks in the Benghazi Cover-Up

Helle Dale
The Daily Signal

The pilot who flew the plane carrying U.S. diplomatic and CIA personnel from Benghazi, Libya, to U.S. military base Ramstein in Germany on September 12, 2012, broke his silence this week.

His eyewitness account further undermines the Obama administration’s false narrative of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

In an interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier, Eric Stahl, who recently retired as a major in the U.S. Air Force and who served as commander and pilot of the C-17 aircraft, made three revelations critically important to the investigation of the Benghazi Select Committee…

…“We were on a 45-day deployment to Ramstein air base,” Stahl told Fox News. “And we were there basically to pick up priority missions, last-minute missions that needed to be accomplished.”

“You would’ve thought that we would have had a little bit more of an alert posture on 9/11,” he added. “A hurried-up timeline probably would take us [an] hour-and-a-half to get off the ground and three hours and fifteen minutes to get down there. So we could’ve gone down there and gotten them easily.”

This is one of the missing key pieces in the Benghazi scandal. The Obama administration’s spin machine – which now includes then-secretary of state Hilary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices” — has successfully kept the focus on the “reasons” for the attack, i.e. the anti-Muslim video, and on examining the insufficient security posture of the mission in Benghazi…



The complete article, with video, is at The Daily Signal.




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