Piven Says ‘Livelihood’ Should not Depend on Working: Not ‘Appropriate’

Better to be ‘Active’ in ‘Community’

Benny Johnson
The Blaze

According To Frances Fox Piven:

  • Self-service industry is bad because it kills jobs
  • Wonders why people have to work for a livelihood: not “appropriate”
  • Low-income jobs are “wage slavery”
  • Laments jobs at Walmart
  • Being a “participant in their community” is a good alternative to working
  • Reagan “steamrolled” the poor by eliminating the ideals of guaranteed income, right to welfare and the right to support

Last week, The Blaze exclusively covered Penn Professor Philippe Bourgois’s anti-capitalist, anti-American, pro-Marxist rant to Bryn Mawr College students. But Bourgois was not the only one in the room with alarming ideas. Avowed socialist professor Frances Fox Piven was on the panel as well, ready to espouse her own vision for what is the matter with America.

When the question was posed from the audience “How do we get more jobs for the poor?” Piven took time to then downplay the need for jobs…

The article continues at The Blaze.


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