Please Mr. Bear, Don’t Throw me into the Reconciliation Patch

Posted by Dan Perrin

The public is King Arthur — the Black Knight is the Speaker and the Trillion Dollar President.

The Speaker and the White House just cannot stop themselves — more health care!

The Mouth of the Potomac is reporting that The Speaker will announce to her caucus that they will go the Reconciliation route.

Oh, the irony of yet another House Member pretending to either understand the Senate rules or understand the implications of choosing to go with the Reconciliation strategy…

…The Speaker and the White House are politically desperate and have acted irrationally throughout this entire process. Desperate and delusional people make really bad decisions. Taking the Reconciliation route is yet another bad call…

…The Speaker and the White House have really lost it. The plan, as I understand it, is they are going to go farther left with their reconciliation bill. Put back the public option.

OK. Time to weapon-up. So resupply the spent ammo, refit the worn-out triggers because it is back to battle we go, with a broken, confused, dazed and uncertain opponent who has been wounded but insists they are not — think the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, or see video above.

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