PM David Cameron: ‘The world doesn’t owe us a living’

Britain has no automatic right to prosperity, David Cameron has said, declaring: “The world doesn’t owe us a living.”

James Kirkup
The Telegraph [UK]
28 June 2010

The Prime Minister said many people are under the “delusion” that just because the UK has historically been one of the richest countries on earth, it will always remain so.

Only if we “reboot and rebuild” the UK economy can the country’s future prosperity be assured, he said.

Mr Cameron used a speech to business leaders in London to argue that the spending cuts and other changes his Government is planning are not discretionary political choices but essential economic moves to stop the country falling behind its competitors.

He said: “I think too many people in this country are living under the delusion that a prosperous past guarantees a prosperous future. But it isn’t written anywhere that this country deserves a place at the top table.

He added: “It was once said that freedom once won is not won for ever; it’s like an insurance premium – each generation must renew it. Economic prosperity is the same. Just because we’ve had it before doesn’t mean we’ll automatically get it again.”

The Prime Minister said Britain will only remain a major economy if it can tackle the huge Government deficit, reform the welfare system and attract new investment from overseas.

“These three steps can help Britain to earn its living in the decades to come,” he said.

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