Polish tabloid: Is Obama going to sell us out to Russia on missile defense?


Go look at the screenshot and translation at BuzzFeed. I don’t get it. Why would Poland be nervous about its western allies leaving it under the thumb of a menacing authoritarian neighbor?

If/when O’s reelected (shudder) and gives up eastern European missile defense entirely, I sure hope it’s for something tangible in return — Russian concessions on Syria, maybe — and not another sub-moronic “reset” with Putin. The concession he’ll probably seek, as Heritage’s James Carafano points out, is some sort of reduction in Russia’s nuclear arsenal. The One’s goal is “nuclear zero,” not lots of nukes + lots of defensive measures, so if he has to trade missile defense to shrink the overall global stockpile, hey. I hope it’ll comfort the Poles to know that while there’s nothing stopping Russia from nuking them except the dubious promise of a NATO retaliation if they do, they might not be nuked quite as much.

In the meantime, Romney and Gingrich are making Obama pay

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