Politico: DHS Cuts NY Terror Funding

The Huntsville Patriot

Sounds logical right, especially considering no Islamic Terrorist has attempted to blow up New York in a while…*cough*

Wait, a terrorist just tried that a couple of weeks ago! So, why did the Department of Homeland Security cut anti-terror funding?

Politico says:

The Department of Homeland Security told congressional officials Wednesday that it’s moving to make cuts in planned anti-terror funding to New York City, less than two weeks after cops helped thwart and attempted car bombing in Times Square — an effort the White House has since pinned on the Pakistani Taliban.

The cuts, lawmakers were told, amount to about 25 percent for port security, and another 27 percent for transit security, according to several reports.

However! The White House, also according to Politico, fired back that the report was inaccurate:

But the White House Thursday morning pushed back strongly and insisted the reports were based on misinformation and were “wrong,” adding that the net funding to New York will actually increase this year over last year.

So which is it? The report says one thing, the White House says another.

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