Poll: Jews Suddenly Embrace Racism, Extremism

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More Jews disapprove of Obama than approve, which of course means that most Jews now hate black people. (The only possible explanation for thinking a SCOAMF is doing a poor job.)

For the first time since he took the oath of office, President Barack Obama’s job-performance disapproval number among Jewish voters is higher than his approval, the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC’s) Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion showed Monday. According to the poll, Jewish approval of the president’s performance declined to 45 percent, with 48 percent disapproving and 7 percent undecided. Last year, 51 percent approved of Obama’s job performance and 44 percent disapproved…


…One of my best friends is Jewish, and a committed Zionist. He’s also a fairly strong Democrat.

Occasionally we’ll see a bit of news together, and Obama and the Democrats will be doing something to undercut, isolate, or pressure Israel, and I’ll arch an eyebrow in his direction.

I don’t have to say anything; he knows what the eyebrow means.

“The Republicans just want the Jews in Israel to hurry the Apocalypse,” he tells me.

The reason he believes this is that he has to believe this. The party he supports is not a very good friend to Israel, and the party he opposes is. To square this circle — and justify to himself his continued support of the Democratic Party and Israel — he’s almost forced to buy into this claim that Republicans are even worse on Israel, and only support that country due to a Christian Theocratic Apocalypse Agenda.

So the uncomfortable fact that the Democratic Party is unfriendly to Israel is dismissed. The Republicans may “support” Israel, but they do so for the wrong reasons, and have a hostility towards the Jews in their hearts.

Which is why this will not be the first NYT article about this. The media is going to push this idea, because they need to get the Jews in line. They can’t claim that Obama is a good president, or a friend to Israel; they can only throw mud at the Republican Party…

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