Poll: Romney-Ryan leads in VA, OH, FL

Tony Lee
Big Government
15 Aug 2012

A new poll of four critical swing states by Purple Strategies, taken after Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, shows Romney leading in three critical swing states — Virginia, Ohio, Florida. Romney trails Obama in the fourth — Colorado — that Purple Strategies polled.

In Virginia and Ohio, Romney has gained ground since last month. In Virginia, a state that may determine the 2012 election, Romney leads Obama by 3 points (48% to 45%). Last month, Romney trailed Obama by two points.

In Ohio, Romney leads Obama by two points (46% to 44%). Last month, Obama led by 3 points, 48% to 45%.

In Colorado, Obama leads 49% to 46%, and that is a 2-point improvement from last month.

In Florida, Romney leads Obama, 48% to 47%. Last month, Obama trailed by 3 points.

Voters in these states think Romney and Ryan are more likely to “bring real change to Washington” by 6 points and that margin, Purple Strategies notes, is 17 points in Romney and Ryan’s favor among independents…

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RelatedDemocrats Starting To Realize They Might Lose The Medicare Argument?  This is how they’ll win — if they do win.

In the last few days, the Romney campaign has moved to dramatically change the terrain of Medicare politics, and it looks like the Democrats are beginning to realize how vulnerable they might be. Because of Obamacare, it is the Democrats who now plan to cut current seniors’ benefits (especially those in Medicare Advantage) and access to care (thanks to the IPAB) while still failing to avert the program’s (and the nation’s) fiscal collapse, and because Romney would repeal Obamacare and pursue a version of the Ryan-Wyden premium-support reform it is the Republicans who would protect current seniors’ benefits and make them available to future seniors while saving the program from collapse through market reforms. Through the candidates’ statements this week and through this new ad, Romney and Ryan have made clear they’re going to inform voters about this and force the Democrats to defend themselves on Medicare.

That won’t be easy for the Left, since the Romney campaign’s charges are true, and it is beginning to become apparent that the Democrats are totally unprepared for the coming fight…

Also, “Why Moderates Should Like Paul Ryan.”

[A]n honest assessment of Ryan’s record requires acknowledging that he’s made his own party substantially more responsible and rigorous, while also challenging some of the self-deceptions that are endemic on the Democratic side of the aisle….

Against this backdrop, Romney’s choice of Ryan looks a lot like Ryan’s own policy positioning: It was more politically risky than the alternatives, but it was also more responsible.The word “responsible” appears 3 other times in Douthat’s short column.

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