Power Line: Obama’s Beef With India

Paul Mirengoff
Power Line

Yesterday, in a post about the “arm’s length disdain” with which President Obama treats the popular pro-American government in Colombia, I also wondered why Obama has been chilly towards India. “What portion of left-wing orthodoxy,” I wondered, “puts India in the dock?”

Reader Peter Rice, a retired US diplomat who was stationed in New Delhi in 1997-99, provides what looks like a persuasive answer:

Hindus run India (they are 80+ percent of the population) and they do not like (many hate) Muslims and have fought [several] wars against Pakistan and have a current low grade war on the Kashmir border.

India and Israel have informal non public defense connections to include support of the Israeli nuclear weapons armed submarine that operates in the Indian Ocean.

As practiced by Obama, the new left-wing orthodoxy seems quite unforgiving.

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