Pro-Life Dems Targeted on Health Care

Christina Bellantoni
Talking Points Memo
January 11, 2010

As House Democrats return to Washington and prepare to huddle with leadership on health care, an anti-abortion group is going after 13 pro-life Democrats by staging rallies in their district offices and urging them to oppose the final plan.

A House Democratic leadership aide told TPMDC today that abortion provisions are still a big question left unresolved as the House and Senate attempt to reconcile their versions of the health care plan in hopes of getting something to President Obama within the month.

Another leadership aide said the broader questions about how to pay for health care will be the first thing that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her team will discuss during a caucus meeting tomorrow night. The abortion question will be decided later during the negotiations, the aide said.

But Susan B. Anthony List (SBA) is pressuring Democrats to oppose the final plan, saying the language Sen. Ben Nelson had inserted in the Senate version isn’t tough enough.

One of the leadership aides said the Senate may have to be the one to compromise since the House has more pro-life members.

“We didn’t have a lot of votes to spare last time,” the aide said…

…(Check out our list of Democrats who opposed the House health care bill this fall, which we keep updated as members indicate if they are a “Yes,” “No,” or undecided.)

The article continues at TPMDC.

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