Quote of the day

22 August 2010

This morning we drove a colleague to the airport for an early morning flight. The airport was quiet so we were able to take a few extra moments to say good-bye. When I got out of the car to do so, I saw something on the ground between my feet and the curb…a fortune from a Chinese cookie. How the heck did that end up here? I wondered. I picked it up, shared it with the others, and we agreed it should be our quote of the day:

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

So I pondered this sentence through the day.

Do you have a vision? For your short-term future? For decades from now? What is your vision for America? Without vision, our future will probably resemble the life we’re living now. Maybe worse. A genuine, heart-felt vision lived with commitment and conviction can be a powerful attractor for more positive futures for you, for those you care about, for our country.

It’s a worthy project to undertake at this critical moment in our history, don’t you agree?

A bit of paper on the ground in front of an airport on a rainy Sunday morning. A vision of our nation reclaiming its liberty, dignity, strength and prosperity. And so much more.

Hey…I take my Divine inspiration where I find it.

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