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15 August 2011

Last week Wisconsin blogger and University of Madison law professor Ann Althouse was with her husband and son filming a sing-along when she was roughed up by a union protester. You can read her posts and see her videos at Althouse.com

There is video at Breitbart.tv, posted 8/12/2011:

Ann Althouse: In the middle of the screen, at 3:38, in the red “fist” T-shirt and holding a heart-shaped balloon, is the man who pointed me out in the rotunda yesterday and who (apparently) participated in the comments yesterday under the pseudonym “Dirty Hippie.” He talks to the attacker just before the attacker yells “You’re socially retarded” and attacks me. The attack is at 3:58, off camera. Meade yells “hey” a few times and gets the incident framed. At 4:00, you see Chris detaching that man’s hands from me. At 4:04, I yell “police” and the 2 men mock me, yelling “police!” in their girlie voice. At 7:12, the talkative guy tells the police what “transpired.” He clearly states that the other man grabbed my camera (and portrays himself as the peacemaker).

Our Quote of the Day is by “Petroglyph” in the comments section at Breitbart:

As they keep doing this kind of behavior on a near daily basis now, they do not realize that America has grown tired of this and their patience will eventually wear thin. Because the left is losing power and their true agenda is now exposed in the light of day for the Communist agenda that it is, they are desperate to achieve that ever elusive and imaginary Utopia their leader has promised. When in reality, all they accomplish by doing this is to unite the opposers to Obama’s agenda even more.

Not to mention the fact that some day, probably soon, they will pick on the wrong person and find out what it feels like to have your ass beat, and good.

Instead of picking on 60 year old women or infirm black men.

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