Quote of the day

25 February 2012

“It’s an insult to the Catholics in this country to even listen to that gibberish. It is an absolute insult and Catholics deserve better. We were taking care of this country’s sick long before the government got involved in it.”

Constituent to NY Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul (CD-26)
Townhall meeting
24 February 2012

Read the article and watch video at GatewayPundit
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NY Democrat Congresswoman Won’t Respond to Man at Town Hall who Tells Her ObamaCare Mandate is “Tyranny” and a “Slap in the Face” to Catholics in America – Video 2/24/12

Hochul tells the truth: NY Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul Admits at Raucous Town Hall: “Basically, We’re Not Looking to the Constitution” when it Comes to ObamaCare Mandates – Raw Video 2/24/12


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