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25 March 2012

It has ever been our conduct and misfortune to Slumber and Sleep while we should be deligent in preparation; and when pressed by irresistable necessity and when we can delay no longer, then to bring ourselves to the brink of destruction by expensive and temporary expedients.

In a word, we have no system, and seem determined not to profit by experience.

~ George Washington,
letter to John Augustine Washington, July 6, 1780

H/T George Washington’s Photos on Facebook

Also, for history buffs, this video, Washington’s Generals- Marquis de Lafayette

He was idealistic, passionate and fearless. Heir to one of France’s great fortunes, he was a direct descendant of knights who fought in the Crusades and alongside Joan of Arc. Like his father and grandfather, he became an officer in the king’s army. Yet, at the age of nineteen, he risked his legacy and his wealth to fight for freedom in the American Revolution. His name was Marie Jean Paul Joseph Roche Yves Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette and, during the course of the war, he became one of George Washington’s most trusted commanders.

H/T The American Constitution

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