Quote of the day–Man bites dog

18 April 2012

I thought we hit an all-time low when I drew the line for acceptable candidates for President with “at least he’s not a commie,” but I was wrong. Today I know I hit bottom when the words “I don’t want a President who knowingly ate dog” came out of my mouth. Wow – this really happened

~Glenn Beck



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Also, Jim Treacher has been covering the story for a couple of days, and includes a recording of the President reading the relevant passage from Dreams From My Father. Treacher’s column is where we found this:

Speaking of Obama’s book, we’re really surprised no one’s mentioned this whole dog thing before now, though we probably shouldn’t be…

At Ace of Spades HQ we found our runner-up for today’s quotation by “Dr. Seuss“:

See Spot.
See Spot run.
Go Spot go!
Spot wasn’t fast enough.
See Spot go well with arugula.

As usual, we urge you to read the comments at Ace. They left us breathless with laughter which hasn’t happened much during this administration…or the last…

Also, Previously Unknown Piece of Obama Educational History

Update: The inevitable “Hitler finds out…” video at HotAir.com: “Oh, by the way — we just passed $5 trillion in new debt accumulated since Obama was sworn in. Enjoy the clip.”

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