Quote of the day–the ‘Après moi, le déluge’ edition

2 January 2013


$15 billion in “cuts” from $45,000 billion in spending. 0.03%.

DC says it’s going to cut spending by $15B over the next 10 years. DC spends $10.5B every day. #WorstNewYearsResolutionEver

“Washington cutting spending by $15B over 10 years is equivalent to a 2-pack / day smoker promising to forgo 1 cigarette. Per year”

Correction: a $15 B 10-year cut is equivalent to a 2-pack/day smoker pledging to give up 5 cigs per year. #accuracy

Congress has agreed to cut spending $1.5 B per year. The White House family expenses are $1.4 B per year.

(Author David Burge’s Twitter Feed
1 January 2013)

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