Quote(s) of the day, the humor edition

25 May 2011

Well, they aren’t all quotations, and you may not them particularly amusing. But we did.

First, we thought our fellow peasants would like to know it’s not all half-pints of Guinness quaffed among Ireland’s working class for the Obamas:

Obama Chooses $1,700 Wine During Dinner With British Royals.

It’s the “let them eat cake” attitude of our political elites yet again. We personally think the president should be home, nearer to the folks in Joplin, MO and other areas of our country devastated by recent tornadoes. But we’re evil racist haters, as you know.

Always good for some fashionista humor–generally at the First Lady’s expense (who can forget the early days of this administration and the “cat pee sofa dresses“)–HillBuzz Boyz do not disappoint us this week. They explain Scotland Yard’s code name for President Obama, which proved the guys at the Yard are even funnier and sharper than we thought. But you might want to read the comments section of the blog, too, for the fun of it.

Fashion, of course, is a priority at HillBuzz and in the London newspapers. There’s HBB’s Matching Dress & Sofa Alert, and remarks about the signature “Klingon” belts, a favorite accessory of the First Lady, evidently.

We found some humor at Weasel Zippers, again in the comments section of a post. (Are conservatives and libertarians just naturally funny? Or is humor a defense mechanism?) The article describes the possibility of Jewish donors to the Democrats withholding their funds after Obama’s “Arab Spring” policy speech, hustled up last Thursday in time to pre-empt the address to Congress by PM Netanyahu. The comment, by “Canterbury,”

Just heard this joke from my friend who said he got this in his email,,,don’t know who to attribute to, but it is funny.

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to you today with an unusual request.
Please return America to its August 2oth, 1959 borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen.

President Benjamin Netanyahu

The quote to end this day, again at Weasel Zippers, is by the First Lady herself. Mrs. Obama spoke to high school students visiting Oxford University, in her unique “girl power” kind of way. The topic eventually moved to how to choose a husband. If you’re going to read the whole thing at Weasel Zippers, we’d advise you to put on your waders first. But for us, this was the money quote:

“And he’s cute,” she added, “I always thought he would be useful. But I had no idea he was going to be president.”

Oh, yes, our country is in the very best of hands.

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