Racially Profile THIS…

The REAL King of Racial Profiling

Kevin Jackson
The Black Sphere

The irony of racial profiling in America is that the Federal government is the biggest racial profiler of all. In fact, the Fed is also the biggest and baddest race-baiter and poverty pimp—even more when Democrats are in power.

To prove my point, the U.S. Census Bureau has thoughtfully provided a Question and Answer center on their website that showcases racial profiling. And as for why they do it, they cleverly disguise their heinous intent, as the Fed site explains thusly:

Race is key to implementing any number of federal programs and it is critical for the basic research behind numerous policy decisions. States require race data to meet legislative redistricting requirements.

Let’s see, now that the Fed has built all those projects and knows where the Negros are, they need to make sure they can get a Congressional Black Caucus chili pimp elected no matter what!

As for the answer to the “Ethnicity?” question? Unfortunately, the site doesn’t allow for the answer: “Nunyadamnbusiness!”…

…Your everyday-run-of-the-mill Liberal of course thinks differently for Americans who check the African-America box. Given all the social engineering that their ilk has provided to the black community, these Guilters feel nothing but pride for what they have accomplished in the black, excuse me “African-American” community…

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Kevin Jackson is the author of the best-selling book The Big Black Lie and is a frequent guest at Fox News Channel. He is a contributor to Andrew Breitbart’s ‘Big Government’ and been an invited speaker at Tea Parties across the U.S. Kevin is also the host of the conservative internet radio program, The Black Sphere Radio.

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