Racist Obama voted AGAINST Stafford Act as Senator – flat out misled audience in 2007 – media silent

Fire Andrea Mitchell

Hey, maybe this is why the corrupt state run media decided to hide the full video of the Obama racist speech in 2007 at Hampton University. Obama railed on about how those evil white people in government didn’t wave [sic] the Stafford Act for Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans as it had for the disasters in New York and Florida.

Well guess who voted against waiving the Stafford Act for New Orleans. None other than Barack Hussein Obama! Yes, he was Senator from Illinois then and apparently was one of those evil white people who didn’t care about the blacks in New Orleans either. Kayne West could have easily said that Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t care about black people too. Of course, this is lost on the media, and they will never cover such hypocrisy of Obama.

Obama’s vote took place just TWO WEEKS before the racist speech. In fact, 11 of the 14 nay votes were Marxist Democrats which included not only Obama, but Bernie Sanders, Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd. Talk about chutzpah!…

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