Rand’s Real Reachout

A rising Republican reconnects with black voters at Howard University.

Reid Smith
The American Spectator

…Speaking yesterday before a capacity crowd at Howard University — a premier historically black college, located in Washington, D.C. — the junior Senator from Kentucky emphasized reclamation of public trust, and a hard reboot of the conservative, limited government trademark. He delivered a plucky address that seasoned principles of equality and freedom with a healthy dash of Prufrock and Toni Morrison.

Remember, this is the guy who was skewered for his targeted criticisms of the 1964 Civil Rights Act — an issue that threatened to unsettle his 2010 Senate campaign and lingers about a presidential run in 2016…

…His approach to the Q&A was fearless. Questions spanned from the District of Columbia’s special sovereignty to the “truth” behind the assassination of Malcolm X. His replies were respectful. He stood fast against criticism. From time to time, he got a smattering of applause. He may not have won many votes today, but he did gain respect. That’s an important first step.

Paul understands that timeless principles of justice and freedom can anchor outreach to minorities. More importantly, when armed with an authentic value system and a little historical reference, you can engage in a productive discussion. But you won’t accomplish that connection by pandering — or printing reams of “autopsies,” while muttering “outreach,” ad infinitum, to the bathroom mirror at the RNC building.

Ideological consistency has yet to lose the fight for limited government. Time’s passed for a retrenched consultant class to win that fight. This is a job for a new and dynamic majority. A core cadre who have earned the support of individual Americans, united against government overreach.

We must to be willing to have this conversation. To search for common ground, together.

Rand Paul was willing to take the first step. It remains to be seen if the party walks with him.


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Related: Student to Rand Paul: I don’t want government to leave me alone.

During the Q&A session after Sen. Rand Paul’s speech Wednesday at Howard University, one student explained that he was not a fan of his view of government.

“You say you want to provide a government that leaves us alone; quite frankly, I don’t want that,” the student said. “I want a government that is going to help me.”

The student insisted that he wanted assistance for his college education and asked if Rand Paul supported a culture change within the nation.

“Do you, Sen. Rand Paul, have a formulated solution to come up with new American values so that the citizens of this nation have a worth more than dead presidents and Ben Franklin?”

Paul responded that he believed that government should allow people to believe whatever they wanted, and clarified that he didn’t believe in the absence of government.

The Kentucky Republican added that he supported the idea of student loans from the government but added that the federal government shouldn’t be allowed to spend more money than it takes in.

A video of the exchange is at the link.

FreedomWorks has posted a video of the Senator’s speech on YouTube.


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