Reasons to be Optimistic about Ayn Rand’s Influence on American Culture

Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of The Ayn Rand Institute discusses why he is optimistic about Objectivism’s prospects to impact the culture.

One million copies of Ayn Rand’s books have been distributed to high schools, and millions of students will read her every year. As of 2009, 50 universities have her as required reading. Objectivists are on TV every week. Resistance to teaching Ayn Rand is fading in academia.

Dr. Brook notes that it is a big job to change the culture, and that everyone can contribute. Writing books, articles, blogging, making donations to the Ayn Rand Institute, writing letters to the editor, writing comments on blogs and newspapers can all help.

This is a Q-&-A excerpt from “The Market Failure Fallacy,” by Brian P. Simpson delivered January 31, 2008, in Costa Mesa, California.

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