Remember Obama’s illegal war in Libya?

Rand Paul to John Kerry: If it was wrong to bomb Cambodia without Congress’s approval, why is bombing Libya without approval okay?



Excellent, and not just the Libya stuff. Stick with it for Paul’s questions about how smart it is to be arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt when Morsi is already wheezing about Jews controlling the media in official diplomatic sessions with the U.S. If you’re wondering why it fell to Paul to ask this question instead of any of the more senior senators who preceded him, it’s because the Senate was perfectly happy to have Obama act unilaterally on Libya….

…My one criticism of Paul here is his failure to press Kerry on his proferred excuse, that Obama had no time to ask Congress for action because Qadaffi was about to put thousands of Libyan rebels in Benghazi to the sword. Nonsense. Go look at the timeline leading up to the west’s military intervention…

Read the whole thing at HotAir.

Also at the site, An attack on Israel is an attack on the US, says … Rand Paul?

Allahpundit wrote Wednesday that Rand Paul is working hard to differentiate from his father’s brand, but … wow. Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro asked Paul the Younger about aid to Israel, which Paul says he’d like to eliminate only after eliminating all foreign aid — and that the effort should start with nations where the people “burn the American flag,” and perhaps Israel last. If President, Paul pledges to send a message that American troops will intervene on Israel’s behalf if attacked, regardless of aid decisions, using the NATO formulation…

This is a really excellent article, with video. Read the whole thing.


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