Rep. Clyburn: House reading Constitution ‘uncalled for.’ Former Senator says AZ shooter angry about health care repeal vote. Or something.

Rep. Clyburn Discusses Arizona Shooting: Delegitimizing President Is “Uncalled For”

Real Clear Politics

“All of this stuff about delegitimizing the president of the United States, that is uncalled for. And all of the stuff taking place in the chamber the other day when the Constitution was being read, all of that stuff is uncalled for. The hanging over the banisters that some members did last year egging on the demonstrators out there, that stuff is uncalled for. We ought to conduct ourselves in public office in the way we teach our children to conduct themselves when they go out into the public. I don’t believe that any one of these members have been teaching their children inside their homes to act the way many of them have acted,” Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) told the Ed Schultz radio program.

The audio recording is at Real Clear Politics. H/T Patriot Action Network

You won’t believe this video, also at RCP:

Former Sen. [Bob] Kerry: Shooter Was Angry About Health Care Bill

“Tomorrow they were going to vote to repeal this health care bill — and it’s not going to go anywhere in the Senate — it’s one of the reasons that this guy was angry and pretty obvious that he is, at least from me, where I sit that he’s mentally ill and deeply troubled,” Former Senator Bob Kerrey (D) told Imus.

Update: We were shocked, shocked, to find that Rep. Clyburn is calling for a renewal of the “fairness doctrine” in light of the terrible shootings in Tucson. “Words can be dangerous”? Problem is, Congressman, there’s no proof that the mentally ill Jared Loughner actually ever listened to talk radio…The problem for young Jared was, more likely, the voices in his head…Clyburn article H/T The Lonely Conservative.

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