Rep. Paul Ryan Blasts Back at White House’s Budget Ultimatum

America’s Newsroom
Fox News Insider

The White House essentially issued an ultimatum to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, warning him that he needs to change his budget bill … or else. President Obama has said that he won’t sign any budget that breaks the terms of the debt deal reached over the summer. In a letter to House and Senate leaders, White House Budget Director Jeff Zients writes, “Until the House of Representatives indicates that it will abide by last summer’s agreement, the president will not be able to sign any appropriations bills.”

Rep. Paul Ryan joined America’s Newsroom with reaction. Ryan made his position clear, saying, “We can’t keep spending all this money we don’t have. We’re borrowing 40 cents on the dollar, and what we’re trying to show here in Washington is a little fiscal prudence and discipline. Unfortunately, the president is more interested in playing politics than anything else.”

Ryan said that not only does his budget go along with the deal that was struck over the summer, but “we’re showing how we would replace the sequester from occurring by cutting spending elsewhere, in a smart way, instead of just a crude across the board way which will happen in January if we do nothing.”

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