Rep. Paul Ryan on Health Care and Town Hall Meetings

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Here is video of GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin on Morning Joe today where he absolutely handled Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on every issue and every question they raised.

Ryan made it clear that Republicans have viable alternatives to the Democrats’ Health Care bills, but no one is covering it. He also said bluntly that if “Health Care Reform” fails, it is not because of Republicans – it is because the Democrats did not use their huge majorities in the House and Senate to pass something. It will also be because they chose not to do a bipartisan bill that focuses on what is actually broken in Health Care without wanting to break what is working.

Mika tried to ask Ryan a snarky question about all the “vitriol” at Town Hall Meetings, and Ryan said his 17 meetings were very polite. But, he said his district – which voted for Obama – was 85% – 95% against ObamaCare at the Town Halls. He told her he saw “real Americans” showing up because they are very concerned about all that is happening in America.

NOTE: Paul Ryan is as good at expressing himself as any Republican around today. He could be a very bright hope for the future of the GOP should he decide to seek the Presidency some day.

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