Rep. Steve King: D.C. Office ‘Invaded’ by ‘Illegal Aliens’



Breitbart News
13 Jun 2013

Rep. Steve King has told Breitbart News that illegal immigrants attempted to take over his Washington, DC office on Thursday. “They openly defy our laws,” Rep. King exclusively told Breitbart News. “It’s the most brazen lobbying I’ve seen since I entered Congress.”

Rep. King also told Breitbart News that illegal immigrants were invited into a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee this week, with some being introduced by Ranking Member Rep. John Conyers. “If we can’t secure the House Judiciary Committee from illegal immigrants,” King said, “how can we secure the country?”

King told Breitbart News he is working to get a special GOP conference convened to discuss options for immigration reform. House GOP Leadership have not yet committed to a meeting to work out their position on reforming the immigration system.

King expressed concern that House GOP Leadership would move any legislation that passed the House closer to the Senate proposal in conference. “The fight is now,” King said.

CAJ note: Readers who have Twitter accounts might want to read the replies the Congressman received to this message.


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