Report: Cheating Atlanta Teachers Scandal Could Have Far-Reaching Effects on Economy

Becket Adams
The Blaze

As if lying, cheating, and academic dishonesty were not bad enough, the Atlanta public school scandal may cause serious problems outside of the classroom. According to The Atlanta Post, “The Atlanta Public Schools scandal will deeply hamper the city’s efforts to attract new businesses and jobs, perhaps for years, business and company site selection experts say.”

When a company makes a location decision, it usually takes into consideration the area’s quality of education. This is especially true among larger companies with an employee base that has a large number of families.

But if an area once deemed a prime location for setting up business is discovered to have something as low-class as a scandal involving principals and teachers falsifying state standardized tests, that area will be viewed as unfit and it will generally be avoided.

Atlanta must handle this problem carefully. State leaders must resolve the issue, punish the offenders, and restore the integrity of the education system. If they do this successfully, then the impact should be short term.

However, Atlanta’s problem is a big one…

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