Report: Obama Eager for More Unilateral Executive Actions in Second Term

Tony Lee
Big Government
24 Oct 2012

In a Newsweek article titled, “President Obama’s Executive Power Grab,” writers Andrew Romano and Daniel Klaidman write about the “Obama power play that could forever change the way Washington works” and how American could see more of it during a second term.

After the debate on Monday, John McCain told Politico that he was “astonished” and “almost fell out of my chair when the president said, ‘Don’t worry, sequestration won’t happen.'”

“He’s not a dictator yet,” McCain said after Monday night’s debate.

In the Newsweek article, the writers describe Obama as a president who got fed up with a Congress who would not bend to his will and decided on a strategy of: “if a legislative proposal fails, find an executive order or administrative directive to replace it.”

As the authors note, what makes Obama’s executive actions different from those of his predecessors is Obama, unlike Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depression or George W. Bush after 9/11, “is not expanding executive power to meet the demands of an external crisis. Instead, he is counteracting a new pattern of partisan behavior—nonstop congressional obstruction—with a new, partisan pattern of his own.”

And when Newsweek asked Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, whether Obama would continue to govern this way if he won a second term, Pfeiffer did not hesitate in answering, “Yeah.”…

The article continues at Big Government.

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CAJ note:  In this context sequestration is “a U.S. legal procedure in which automatic spending cuts are triggered, notably implemented in the Budget Control Act of 2011” Other articles on the BCA are here.

Update: Obama Privately Touts Sequester After Denying Responsibility in Debate


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