Report: Obama to Use Executive Powers to Ease Iran Sanctions

Joel B. Pollak
Big Peace
21 Jan 2014

In a a move that would surprise exactly no one, President Barack Obama is reported to be considering using his executive powers to relieve some sanctions on Iran, regardless of whether Congress passes new bipartisan sanctions currently under consideration that would take effect if the recent interim nuclear deal fails.

Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon, citing congressional and other sources, reports: “Executive orders grant the president significant leverage in the how sanctions are implemented, meaning that Obama could choose to stop enforcing many of the laws on the books, according to government insiders.”…


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Related:  New executive overreach: Obama may relax U.S. sanctions on Iran — without action from Congress

…If anything, there’s too much bipartisan support for Iran sanctions; the whole reason Harry Reid hasn’t let a vote come to the floor in the Senate is because he’s afraid pro-Israel Democrats will cross the aisle and join the GOP on a new slate of measures designed to turn the pressure up on Tehran. That could blow up O’s nuke negotiations with the mullahs. And even if new sanctions don’t pass, it may be impossible to get Congress to lift sanctions that are currently in effect as a reward for Iran if/when they meet some of the White House’s nuclear demands. That too is a function not of deadlock but of bipartisan agreement between Republicans and a slew of Democrats in Congress who are more hawkish towards Iran than Obama is.

Solution: More unilateral action, of course…

From Michael Ramirez  (full size here):





Ramirez wrote on his Facebook page:

The Obama administration must have concluded that a nuclear Iran is not a threat to Israel.

The Obama administration must have concluded that a nuclear Iran is not a threat to world peace.

The Obama administration must have concluded that a nuclear Iran coupled with Iran’s development of a three stage rocket isn’t a threat to its neighbors or the United States.

Why else would they sign such a ridiculous agreement which gives Iran cover and time to continue to develop a nuclear weapon?

Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world…

…The next time there is a terrorist attack it will not be 3000 people who die. It will be tens of thousands or even millions.

The economic damage will be in the trillions of dollars. The area will be uninhabitable for fifty years…

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Update: How Iran Played the U.N. — and Drove the U.S. Nuts

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently undertook one of the most sensitive diplomatic initiatives of his U.N. career: spearheading a plan to secure Iranian support for a political transition in Syria aimed at pushing Tehran’s long time ally, President Bashar al-Assad, from power.

But that plan backfired, despite America’s backing. And now, even Ban’s own aides are admitting that their boss had been played…


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