Report: Valerie Jarrett Led Secret Negotiations With Iran for Past Year

Brian Cates
Big Government
18 Nov 2013

…The report states the deal submitted in Geneva earlier this month was a direct result of these secret year-long negotiations between teams headed by Jarrett and Iran’s Ali Akbar Salehi.  That deal was ultimately rejected when France and Israel raised strong objections, and talks are expected to resume this Wednesday.

The White House was very quick to issue a categorical denial of the report.  According to White House spokesperson Bernadette Meehan, “Those rumors are absolutely, 100 percent false.”…


The complete article is at Big Government.



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President Obama personally appealed to senators on Tuesday to hold off on seeking additional sanctions while negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program are underway, but continued to face skeptical lawmakers worried that a proposed deal would go easy on Tehran…


John Bolton: Kerry is “Delusional”

Former Ambassador John R. Bolton is not too impressed with Secretary of State John Kerry in the Iran nuclear negotiations.



Update:   John Kerry: World Class Doofus

…The Secretary of State carries out the President’s foreign policies, but when both are ideologically blind to reality and both harbor a deep disdain for an American history of global leadership since the end of World War Two, they are going to initiate and stumble around in ways that convince other nations to seek leadership elsewhere or to pursue they own interests without looking to the U.S. for support.

John Kerry has one of the worst records imaginable to be our Secretary of State. I have always regarded him as a moron with strong anti-American beliefs…




Update 2:   Report: International Negotiations With Iran Are a ‘Facade’ — Secret Deal Allegedly Already Struck Directly With Valerie Jarrett

An Israeli television network reported Sunday night that Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Barack Obama, has been holding secret talks with the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, and that the international negotiations underway in Geneva are merely a “facade” covering up a deal whose terms have already been decided….

…TheBlaze cannot verify if the meetings did indeed take place. Some Middle East watchers have expressed skepticism via Twitter due to the report being based on unnamed Israeli sources.

Israeli sources also told Channel 10 that they believe an agreement with Iran is “closer than ever.”



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