Republican turncoats: naming the names

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

In a previous Examiner report it was noted that talk radio host and attorney Mark Levin, who served in the Reagan Administration, had not only lamented but lambasted the elitist leadership establishment of the Republican Party for being just as dangerous as Democrats.

Levin cited various and sundry votes and policy initiatives that depict Republican leaders as insincere about repealing Obamacare, duplicitous about so-called “immigration reform” — which is nothing more than blanket amnesty for multimillions of illegal aliens — eager to sell out the self-defense and gun rights of the citizens in order to “cut a deal,” and a host of other issues that align the GOP leadership with the Democrat onslaught against the Constitution and other basic human rights.

And this is not to mention that the Republican leadership has steadfastly refused to rein in a president and executive branch that is raging out of control with numerous violations of the law and an outright disdain for the basic principles of the Bill of Rights, not the least of which is to protect citizens from illegal search and seizure.

Conservatives and libertarians have stated both privately and publicly that they are so livid about the current Republican leadership that they are willing to turn to desperate measures to get rid of them…


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