Reuters Hit Piece On Marco Rubio Contains Devastating Errors

Matt Lewis
The Daily Caller
via Business Insider

Reuters is out with a tough story on Sen. Marco Rubio today, arguing that, the senator “has had significant financial problems that could keep him from passing any vetting process as a potential vice presidential choice…”

Unfortunately, it appears many of the facts are either wrong or exaggerated.

By my count, there were at least 7 errors or exaggerations:

1. “Rubio also voted against Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s Supreme Court nominee who is of Puerto Rican descent…”

(Rubio wasn’t even in the senate then.)

2. “He soon had [his house] appraised for $735,000 and took out a second mortgage for $135,000.”

(Rubio did not take out a second mortgage. He took out a home equity line, which is a line of credit secured by the value of the home.)…

Update: A Twitter follower asks: “isn’t Reuters statement about Health Care Law wrong too? Passed in 2010. Rubio took office 2011.”

The complete article is at Business Insider.

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