Review: Mamet’s Compelling ‘Race’ Makes Explosive Case Against Political Correctness

Larry O’Connor

The first thing you need to know about “Race,” the new play by David Mamet currently running at the Barrymore Theatre on Broadway, is that it isn’t really about race. Well, not entirely about race.

The setting is a conference room of a law firm. Henry Brown (David Alan Grier) and his white partner Jack Lawson (James Spader) are interviewing a prospective client (Richard Thomas). The client, a wealthy white man, is standing trial for the rape of a black woman…

…Yes, “Race” is about a rape trial. And yes, race plays a factor in the case. And yes, the race of the characters on stage serves as texture, tension and explosive material for the plot’s development. But, the real over-riding subject of this play is Political Correctness and the destruction of our society because of it…

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