Rhode Island gives in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students Updated: Chafee considers driver’s license for illegal immigrants

Tina Susman
Los Angeles Times

Rhode Island education officials have voted to let high school graduates who are in the country illegally pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, acting on an issue that state lawmakers have dodged and that has entered into the debate among the Republican presidential hopefuls.

The vote Monday night followed an hours-long public hearing punctuated by boos, cheers, and heated comments from audience members on both sides of the question. Eleven of the 13 members of the Board of Governors for Higher Education were there, and all voted in favor of the measure.

The measure allows children of illegal immigrants who attended high school in Rhode Island for at least three years and who have graduated high school or received an equivalent degree to pay in-state tuition of $9,824, compared to $25,912 for out-of-state students. The rule takes effect next year…

…Gov. Lincoln Chafee, an independent, was among those supporting the measure…

…Opponents included Tea Party members as well as Terry Gorman, executive director of a group called Rhode Island for Immigration Law Enforcement, who said the measure was akin to “aiding and abetting” illegal immigrants.

“I’ve met a lot of these students,” Gorman said, AP reported. “My heart goes out to them, but their parents put them in this situation.”

The complete article, with photos and video, is at the LA Times.

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Updated: Chafee considers driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Governor Chafee said Tuesday that he is looking into the possibility that the state might issue driver’s licenses or driving permits to illegal immigrants.

Responding to questions about a vote by the Board of Governors for Higher Education to approve in-state rates for undocumented students, Chafee said being able to drive would help people who need transportation to go to school or work or to look for work.

He said has spoken with officials in Utah, which he said is the only state that has established a special class of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

“I’m working on it,” he said.



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