RI Senator Supporting Socialism

Wealth Reed-istribution- RI Senator Enrolls in Socialism

Travis Rowley

…Modern Democrats don’t necessarily disagree with John F. Kennedy’s explanation that a “rising tide lifts all boats.” It’s just that they can’t stand such imagery anymore. That’s how much they hate rich people – the glorious icons of capitalism.

Remaining loyal to their party’s philosophy, this week President Obama called Reed’s bill an “urgent economic priority” while Reed referred to it as “a significant part” of an economic recovery – that is, Reed’s ability to take Rhode Island tax dollars down to the Capital, and then bring some back.

Oh, my hero.

Moreover, these are the people who snicker and scoff at the idea that they are “socialists” – even as they openly attempt to foster an economy with other people’s industry.

It is clear, however, that, for Democrats, welfare is no longer about a mere concern for the desperate and downtrodden. Welfare has become a crucial component to their economic design.



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Related:  Senator Reed, a Roman Catholic who was elected to office in 1996, voted to approve the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)  (ObamaCare). His Congressional record on key votes is at VoteSmart.org



At The Ulsterman Report:  CAPITOL UPDATE: Barack Obama’s Class Warfare – 2014 Midterm Edition

Sources inside Capitol Hill are now adamant that the Obama White House, increasingly fearful of losing the Senate following the 2014 Midterm Elections, has prepared an all out class warfare campaign to commence in the coming weeks and months that intends to push Obamacare off the front page and put in its place a revamped version of the 1% argument that some within the Progressive/Socialist machine feel paid political dividends for them in 2012…



Also at the site, And So It Begins – Barack Obama’s 2014 Class Warfare Machine Starts Up

…Today, as reported by the New York Times, Barack Obama, after fifteen days of a multi-million dollar Hawaii vacation, issues a demand that Congress “Restore Unemployment Benefits”.  The Obama 2014 class warfare plan is now officially underway…



Obama: ‘We don’t abandon our fellow Americans,’ but I’m only talking about unemployment, guys


Our fellow Americans in Benghazi don’t count.

Update:  Rolling Stone: Capitalism, Landlords, Working — It All Blows; Free Everything For Everbody!

…Contributor Jesse A. Myerson is really bummed out. Millennials like him are watching other people get rich while they drown in personal debt and labor at their low-wage grunt jobs. Certainly the blame does not lie upon them and their life choices — or even the simple fact that, hey, everyone starts out at the bottom. No, as they see it, they live in an unjust, unfair society – an “economic hellhole our parents have handed us.”

To combat this, Myerson has some suggestions…



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