Robert Bergdahl harassed twin sisters in Hailey, ID, for several months

EXCLUSIVE – Revealed: Twin sisters lived in fear of Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘stalker’ father who was caught ‘peeping into their windows while they were in the shower’

  • Lacey and Allie Hillman, 31-year-old twin sisters from Hailey, Idaho, went to police after a series of harassing incidents involving Robert (Bob) Bergdahl in 2011
  • They claim that Bergdahl, a UPS driver, drove by their home ‘several times a day’ even though he had nothing to pick up or deliver and left ‘creepy’ notes
  • Allie claims that he once banged on her door and accused her of cheating on him, saying ‘What are you two-timing me b****,’ even though they never dated or were even friends
  • The sisters claim Bergdahl took a small gnome from their garden and later approached Lacey to ask her if ‘something was missing’ from their yard
  • She later notice that the gnome was indeed gone, only to have it reappear days later




Ryan Parry
The Daily Mail [UK]
13 June 2014

…The newly obtained police documents reveal the Hillman sisters’ claims that Sgt Bergdahl’s father regularly ‘harassed’ the Hillman them for four-and-a-half months until they plucked up the courage to report him to police…

…Bergdahl, whose bearded appearance and apparent sympathy for his son’s captors have earned him criticism from some quarters, allegedly began stalking the twins in June 2011 – two years after his son Bowe was captured by the Taliban, the police records show…

…The shaken sisters decided to call police once more and give detailed statements of their ordeal.

They told officers they had no idea why Bergdahl was targeting them but said they were both ‘very scared’ of him and wanted him to stop.

The pair were described as becoming ‘visibly upset and teary eyed’ as they gave their statements to police and claimed they only knew Bergdahl as a local UPS driver and because his son Bowe was a prisoner of war.

Allie and Lacey told police that they were concerned for Bergdahl’s well-being ‘due to his son still being gone’ but could not cope any longer with his ‘disturbing’ behavior’ which was taking its toll on their ‘personal lives’.

Bergdahl was quizzed by officers soon after the report was lodged and warned to stay away from the sisters. He was never arrested.

Police documents reveal that Bergdahl admitted ‘playing a trick’ on the sisters and stealing their gnome but denied wanting to know them on an ‘intimate basis’ claiming he was only ‘messing and joking’ around with them.

Bergdahl was instructed by police not to visit the sisters’ home or Lacey’s workplace or he would be arrested and face possible trespassing or stalking charges.

The sisters agreed not to press charges as they just wanted to be left alone and the case was closed on November 2, according to the police documents…

…Earlier this month, MailOnline revealed that Bergdahl senior was an aspiring Olympic cyclist who became disillusioned with the US Government when it boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics…



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