Romney says Brown can ‘make history’

Political Notebook
The Boston Globe
January 1, 2010

Mitt Romney – that rare political breed, a Republican elected statewide in Massachusetts – told supporters yesterday that if Scott Brown can pull off a similar feat next month in the US Senate special election, it “would shock the country and send a strong message that business as usual in Washington is coming to an end.’’

“He would bring badly-needed fiscal restraint to an out-of-control budget process that is adding trillions of dollars to our national debt,’’ said Romney, the former Bay State governor who gives every indication he’s preparing a second presidential bid in 2012.

Brown “is running a determined campaign to make history by becoming the first Republican senator from Massachusetts in 30 years,’’ Romney added in his December “month in review’’ message to backers of his Free & Strong America political action committee.

“If he is successful, Scott will be the crucial 41st vote against President Obama’s health care bill when it comes back to the Senate for final passage.’’

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