Ron Paul talks homeschooling and the potential for a third party; Mike Rowe on 'work smart and hard'

Glenn Beck

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On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn was joined by former Texas congressman Ron Paul to talk about his new book, The School Revolution, and his homeschool curriculum. Ron made headlines when he boldly suggested that he would like to see 25% of America’s youth homeschooled, but the plan he lays out aims to allow children flourish by learning at their own pace while ensuring maximum responsibility and liberty on the part of both the parent and child.

Glenn has been vocal about his and Tania’s experience homeschooling their children. While the prospect of being responsible for your child’s education may seem terrifying, both Glenn and Ron reiterated the importance of parent’s taking a more active role in their children’s learning. From Common Core to Imagining America, the left has attempted to co-opt the education system, and Ron believes it is time to take it back. Ron explained that in his program, parents have the authority to determine what kind of education that is best for their children. He is confident his curriculum will because it is rooted in liberty, not political correctness.

Midway through the program, Glenn received the phone call he had been waiting for all day – his granddaughter was about to be born – so Stu stepped in to take his place. Stu and Ron talked about a concept Glenn has been discussing for several weeks now: The potential for a third party. Ron, speaking from experience as someone who ran for president as a libertarian, drew from his own experience in Washington to explain why there is not much difference between Republicans and Democrats today.

Ultimately, the fundamental principle of the content of Ron’s curriculum is liberty and the importance of self-governance. This principle is reinforced by the structure of the program, which seeks to encourage education and leadership in today’s students. Ron believes that our future is reliant upon the leaders we raise our children to be, and Ron believes homeschooling is an important component of fostering this leadership.

You can learn more about the Ron Paul Curriculum HERE.


Watch some of the interview with Dr. Ron Paul at Glenn


Related“Work smart and hard”:  Mike Rowe joins Glenn to talk about the ways we can reform America’s education system in order to get people back to work

On Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, joined Glenn to talk about reforming America’s education system in order to get people back to work.

Both Mike and Glenn believe strongly in the values this country was founded on, and Mike is looking to do his part through his non-profit foundation and scholarship program. The mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Fund is aimed at getting high school seniors ready to enter the workforce with the skills they need to land the jobs that are available in the U.S. – the key word being available.

Glenn has talked about the value of apprenticeships for quite sometime now. A four-year college education is not for everyone, and trade schools should have a rightful place in society. Through his foundation, Mike is looking to challenge the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding ‘alternative education.’ He has testified before both houses of Congress regarding the widening skills gap in the United States, the emerging student loan crisis, and the ever-changing perception of a what constitutes a ‘good job.’ Over the last couple of years,  Mike has partnered with numerous companies and like-minded organizations to reinvigorate the skilled trades. His message is not “don’t go to college” but rather he is encouraging students to understand the options available to them….



Update:   A veteran teacher’s published words: ‘The Common Core is hurting our education system’

“Teaching used to be prestigious and teachers used to be treated with dignity and respect. This year as I read from a script I do not feel proud to be a teacher — I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I am not teaching students skills they really need or are practical for the real world. I am not able to pick items to explore that my students actually want to learn about. I have become a robot. If I want to keep my job as a teacher I am to do as I am told and this means I will teach as a robot…”

Read the whole thing.



Update 2:   Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Cookie Cutter Curriculum

SAT question: education is to the Common Core System as healthcare is to ______________. If you answered Obamacare, you’d be right. The Common Core is a massive power grab to the federal bureaucracy, and just furthers liberals’ plans of indoctrination. Join Bill Whittle in this edition of Afterburner to learn why.



Update 3: Obama: “America must adapt”: stresses math, science, technology 



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