Russian PM Putin ‘to run for President’ as power struggle with Medvedev worsens

Putin looks to retake Russian presidency from ‘arrogant’ Medvedev after questioning his loyalty

Oliver Pickup
Daily Mail [UK]
23 May 2011

  • ‘It’s the classic tale of the pupil trying to overtake his master,’ source tells The Australian

For the Russian public it’s still the great unknown – will Medvedev seek re-election as the country’s president or will Putin come back to unseat his former protege?

There are only ten months to go before the presidential elections for the world’s largest country and questions are being asked whether the close relationship between the two men is set to descend into acrimony.

It was Dimitry Medvedev who ran Vladimir Putin’s election campaign 11 years ago paving the way for him into the Kremlin.

Bound by a two-term limit he duly bowed out in 2008 and became prime minister making way for Medvedev – 13 years younger than his 58-year-old mentor – to become head of state.

It was thought he would let his mentor run for his former post, which he held from May 2000 to May 2008.

But reports have begun to circulate that he has now decided not to let go of the reins of power.

If this were to happen it would set the scene for a titanic power struggle between the two men…

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