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H/T American Thinker, Where’s the Outrage (Gaza Atrocity Edition):

Hamas savages execute six “collaborators” and drag the body of one through the streets of Gaza, and the world press is indignant mostly silent

…If you took the world’s liberal media seriously, you might think that Hamas is a group of human rights activists whose worst sin is protesting against Israel’s “occupation.” Occupation of what? Not Gaza, obviously. But the truth is that Hamas is a brutal, inhuman terrorist organization-worse, a brutal, inhuman terrorist organization that is supported by many, perhaps most, inhabitants of Gaza.

To see how subhuman Hamas is, watch this video. It is not for the faint of heart. Earlier today, Hamas terrorists seized six Gaza residents whom they accused of being “spies” for Israel. The accusation was likely false, but we will never know. Be that as it may, the Hamas sadists pulled six men out of a van on a busy Gaza street, forced them to lie down on the street, and shot them dead. The mob of Palestinians that had gathered then stomped and spit on the pile of bodies. The Hamas men tied one of the six bodies to the back of a motorcycle and dragged it through the streets of Gaza City, in a scene reminiscent of The Wild Bunch

Read the whole thing.

UpdateStunner… Hamas Fires Twelve Missiles Into Israel an Hour After Ceasefire

Hamas Violates Cease-Fire; 70% of Israelis Oppose It

Update 2: Youtube removes videos of Hamas savages dragging bodies of executed “spies” through Gaza


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