Science Czar Holdren’s Connections to Soviet Spies?


Bulletin of The Nuclear Scientists
world famous for its ominous symbol, the Doomsday Clock.

New Zeal takes a look at the very special connections that Science Czar John Holdren has with pro-Soviet sympathizers. Telling indeed and riddled with Communists and spies… It’s not paranoia if you can look at the guy’s history and the actual people he dealt with and see what they were. Avowed Communists and Socialists…

Holdren at one time was on the board for the Bulletin of The Nuclear Scientists. An organization formed from the Manhattan project. The Manhattan Project was evidently riddled with Soviet spies. There were at least two Soviet informants in the original sponsors of the Bulletin. Bet they didn’t teach that to you in school, did they? And it gets even better… Some of the Socialist and Communist sympathizers had family ties to Barack Obama. Wow – his family tree and associates just get better and better the more you dig. Fantastic… Americans should be soooo proud.

Perhaps The Doomsday Clock was an appropriate symbol since one of the primary goals of the Bulletin seemed to be the goal of making the US as weak militarily as possible. Wonder why they would want that? Because it forwarded the Soviet Union’s propaganda goals perfectly.

Read the rest at NoisyRoom. And visit New Zeal to read the article there and to browse his excellent website.

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