Scott Brown co-sponsored first significant DC bill

Posted by NorsU
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Scott Brown signs the Iran Democratic Transition Act Bill

Scott Brown co-sponsored his first significant bill in DC…S.3800…introduced by Republicans John Cornyn and Sam Brownback. The bill is to establish a program to support a transition to a freely elected, open democracy in Iran. This is a response to President Obama’s inaction and lack of support of the Green movement and human rights atrocities occurring under the ruling Islamic Republic of Iran’s watch. The Bill declares that the interest of the US and international peace are threatened by the ongoing and destabilizing actions of the Iran Government. The bill spells out support of democracy, free elections and support for human rights in Iran.

Scott Brown co-sponsored this bill along with 18 of the most Conservative Republican’s in the Senate. Notable Co-sponsors are Jim Demint, David Vitter, Richard Burr, James Inhofe and John Ensign. Scott Browns involvement is consistent with his Hawkish aggressive campaign platform in regards to foreign policy and national security issues.

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