Sean Hannity v. Rep. Anthony Weiner

Sean Hannity goes nuclear and destroys Anthony Weiner

The Right Scoop

..I wasn’t going to do anymore of this Weiner vs King debate that’s been raging all day, but this is just too good. I’ve excerpted 9 minutes from Hannity’s interview with Peter King and Anthony Weiner and I assure you you’ll need a cigarette after your done. Hannity rips Weiner apart for whining about not getting Republican support when he can provide 218 votes and pass the 9/11 Heatlh Care bill. Weiner tries to turn it back on Hannity several times in this clip but Hannity is having none of that.

You must listen to the end to hear Weiner try and weasel out of Hannity’s request that he never pass a bill that he doesn’t read. Weiner will not commit to that and tries to flip it on Hannity. Oh, this video is just full of awesome moments…

Via theblogprof, the video from the floor of the House of Representatives:

And, via The Right Scoop, Rush Limbaugh explains the dispute between Congressmen Weiner and King.

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