Secret court creates 100 pages of new law hidden from public

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

…The secretive FISA court which operates in the background has not only given its approval to such incursions on Constitutional rights but has created a body of new law out of thin air to justify its actions, to the tune of 100 pages of new laws.

Those new laws deal largely with surveillance. But this new body of law has tended to spill over into other areas as well, without the knowledge of the public, and without any input from citizens. The court hears only one side of these issues — the government side. And so far the court has approved each and every request submitted by the government.

At the center of the controversy regarding the powerful stealth court is a new doctrine of jurisprudence that maintains that there is a major exception to the Fourth Amendment rights of citizens. That exception has become known as “the doctrine of special needs,” that is, as long as government can show there is a special overriding need to discard the Fourth Amendment, it can do so without running afoul of Constitutional law.

The problem is that the Constitution allows for no such special needs exceptions that justify discarding Fourth Amendment rights.

In fact, the Constitution allows for no secretive court that makes new law and court precedent underground, without seeing the light of day. But the court, nonetheless, has become so powerful that even the Times stated that it is operating as a “parallel Supreme Court.”…


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