See what you bought Michelle Obama for her 50th birthday

Joe Saunders
BizPac Review

What do you get for the first lady who has everything?

Try a few more days in sun-kissed Hawaii for Michelle Obama while her husband and two daughters return to Washington – so she and her Praetorian guard of Secret Service agents and assorted hangers-on can stay on the islands at no small expense to the taxpayers.

The New York Times is reporting the first lady is staying put “for several days to spend time with friends in advance of her upcoming 50th birthday” – and staying away from the hustle and bustle of her onerous White House duties.

The few extra days, The Times reported, “are part of the president’s birthday gift to his wife, who turns 50 on Jan. 17.”

A couple of things worth mentioning…



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Update: Obama plays 160th round of golf

As much of the nation huddles in a dangerous deep freeze, vacationing President Obama on Saturday wrapped up his two-week Christmas vacation by playing his 160th round of golf in his sunny birth state, Hawaii. The temperature: 79 degrees.

His latest round means that Obama has played golf an average of once every 11 days in office…



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